Who We Are

Founders' Introduction

The Importance of Our Mission
The importance of our Mission is best understood by conducting this simple exercise:

Hold your breath for as long as you can comfortably … say 20-30 seconds. Then, instead of a lungful of air, take just a small breath. Wait a few seconds to exhale, then again take a small breath in. Repeat this pattern several times taking only small breaths of air each time.

Did you experience discomfort … feel slightly suffocated … or worse … feel a growing sense of Panic? These feelings are continuous and considered normal for many of those afflicted with asthma or chronic bronchial diseases. Remarkably, for many, the solution is a simple “puff” of medicine containing a bronchodilator. The medicine instantly improves the quality of their life. Yet, only a very small percentage of people suffering from asthma or bronchial disease can afford the required medicine.

In 2008, we developed the technologies necessary for ultra-precise manufacturing of aerosol products at very low costs. One application of these technologies is the manufacturing of aerosol Bronchodilators, in the product form known as Metered-Dose Inhalers (MDIs). Yes, we could have licensed our technologies to others and collected large royalties, but when we became aware of the global need for this life altering medicine, our Mission became self-evident and defined.

We believe it is our calling; our duty; our responsibility as engineers, scientists, and professionals; and now our singular professional purpose is our Mission to provide much needed medicine, free of charge to those in need. This is a tall order and a complex undertaking that requires considerable resources, technologies, good planning and execution, and most importantly … determination and passion.