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IQ Life Sciences Corporation Pledges to Donate 5 Million Cans of Mosquito Repellent to Combat the Spread of Zika Virus.

HOUSTON, Texas (May 2, 2016) – The dangerous Zika virus has already infected 420 people in 44 states across America and the peak season for mosquitoes is just around the corner.  The World Health Organization recently declared the Zika virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and the federal government is quickly mobilizing for the eventual spread of the virus in the U.S.


Now, Houston-based IQ Life Sciences Corporation is waging a historic fight to protect women of child-bearing age by pledging to donate five million cans of BugOut Mosquito Repellent.  The company is in discussions with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Harris County (Texas) Health Systems, and other organizations to distribute the donated mosquito repellents to persons of high risk and those most in need, beginning in Texas, Florida, and other states and U.S. territories.

“We must each do our best to minimize the scourge of birth defects in babies resulting from the Zika virus until a vaccine is discovered,” says Pradeep Yohanne Gupta, CEO of IQ Life Sciences Corporation.  “The first line of defense is information and education, as well as the proper use of Mosquito Repellent by women attempting to become pregnant or those currently pregnant.”


“Our hometown has the perfect conditions to begin local transmission of the virus, including a warm and humid climate that sustains mosquitoes, and a diverse population that frequently travels to Central and South America where mosquito-borne transmission of the Zika virus is well established,” says Gupta.


When asked why IQ Life Sciences Corporation made this donation, Gupta replied, “Helping to prevent fetal malformations caused by the Zika virus is a battle worth fighting.  When the opportunity to help presents itself … we will always step forward.  I invite others to join us by adding to our contribution.”


About IQ Life Sciences Corporation

IQ Life Sciences Corporation is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Houston, Texas, made up of individuals who believe it is their calling, their duty, their responsibility as engineers, scientists, and professionals, and now their singular professional purpose to provide life-improving pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions, free of charge to those in need.


For Immediate Release, 9:00 am EDT, May 2, 2016