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IQ Life Sciences Corporation’s Response to CoVID-19
CleanSafe Hand & Surface Sanitizer Available Now

HOUSTON, TEXAS, May 2020 – IQ Life Sciences Corporation (“IQLSC”) announces the immediate availability of CleanSafe Hand & Surface Sanitizer products.  Currently scaling up its “fill & finish” production in Houston, Texas to 2.5 million units per month, IQLSC has allocated and offered 20 million units of these essential safety products – at net cost – to supply the state and federal strategic reserve and for use by first responders – nurses and doctors in critical care, healthcare workers, fire & police department personnel, emergency rescue personnel, amongst others.  When fully realized, this donation will result in an extraordinary savings to the federal and state tax payers, cumulatively exceeding $50 million.

CleanSafe Hand & Surface Sanitizer products are FDA-registered, CDC-approved, and compliant with the WHO standard (minimum 80% Ethanol SDA-40B).  All federal, state, county, and city procurement departments are urged to contact IQLSC for allocation and planned supply of these products that remain critically short in supply.


As part of its mission towards addressing global health crises, IQLSC tracked early reports by Chinese medical professionals about a novel coronavirus found in patients that initially were presumed to have pneumonia, which subsequently developed into the CoVID-19 global pandemic, sickening millions of people worldwide.
IQLSC quickly developed a number of alcohol-based hand and surface sanitizer products to address the problem using its know-how in pharmaceutical product development and precision filling aerosol and liquid chemical products.  Since then, IQLSC has been making arrangements to deliver hand and surface sanitizers to first responders, health care workers, community centers, and other locales serving low-income populations at the local, state, and federal levels.

Availability & Price

Despite challenging circumstances created as a result of the CoVID-19 pandemic, IQLSC was able to use its expertise in precision, high-speed manufacturing processes to develop and have the first of these products made available in a very compressed time period.  This process included securing supply agreements on most favorable terms to enable best quality and availability at the lowest cost basis for the nonprofit corporation.  Proceeds from these operations will fund product donations for those most in need.

CleanSafe Health Care Products:

  • Kills 99.99% of most common germs.
  • Effective against human coronavirus.
  • Acts against a broad spectrum of pathogens.

CleanSafe Health Care Products are available in three forms:

  • Aloe Gel – CleanSafe Hand Sanitizer Aloe Gel
    80% alcohol-based gel formula is highly effective
  • Spray Mist – CleanSafe Hand & Surface Sanitizer, Spray Mist
    80% alcohol-based formula packaged in hermetically sealed aerosol packaging. Excellent for also sanitizing surface areas. Aerosol packaging prevents alcohol evaporation.

  • Foaming Mousse – CleanSafe Hand & Surface Sanitizer, Foaming Mousse
    80% alcohol-based formula packaged in hermetically sealed aerosol packaging. Foaming Mousse format prevents overspray. Excellent for also sanitizing surface areas. Aerosol packaging prevents alcohol evaporation.

About IQ Life Sciences Corporation

IQLSC is a Houston, Texas-based Charitable Private Foundation, certified by the IRS as a §501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of individuals who believe it is their calling, their duty, their responsibility as engineers, scientists, and professionals, and now their singular professional purpose to provide life-improving pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions, free of charge to those in need.
 Contact: John Brogan, IQLSC
 Mobile: 281-799-1066

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